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A Case of the Human Condition: The Center of the Universe? It’s a Little Beach in Michigan, of Course

If I were drawing a map of the world, its center would be at Bass Lake, just where its outlet flows into the great, blue Lake Michigan. I have lived in California for nearly two decades, but like my forebears – my mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother – I return to Lake Michigan every chance I get.

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God’s Big Blog: I’m Convinced — Doubt Is Good

No doubt about it. After opening up the short, sweet and succint In Praise of Doubt by sociologists Peter Berger and Anton Zijderveld, I’m feeling really good about my doubter status.

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Book Openers: A Progressive Protestant Reclaims Christianity

I know way too many people whose impression of Christianity has been shaped either by media accounts of the (noisy) Religious Right or by books written the (equally noisy) New Atheists. Open James A. Forbes Jr.’s new book, Whose Gospel? for a brisk tour of the progressive Christian take on sexuality, gender, race, justice and war.

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A Case of the Human Condition: Build a Wind Farm — Wreck Lake Michigan

I saw the map and burst into tears. It broke my heart. Windmills, a hundred square miles of them, are being proposed for Lake Michigan – a couple miles off shore. In the lake. Beautiful, serene, life-giving Lake Michigan.

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