It’s Not the God Particle — Really, Truly, Honest to God

Are the physicists meeting so excitedly at the CERN research center near Geneva about to put their finger on God? The word from Switzerland is that the Higgs boson  particle might be uncovered/discovered/captured any minute now.

Some say that the particle holds the deepest secrets of the Universe, which is why some people call it the God Particle.

Others say, no way. That’s ridiculous. The Higgs boson is just another natural phenomenon — if it actually exists, that is. Scientists still don’t have all the evidence they need.

The God Particle term, some say, originated with a 1993 book by U.S. Nobel prize winner Leon M Lederman. It’s a history of particle physics entitled: The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?

Read more in Robert Evans’ article on Reuters on-line.


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